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A intense multi-day training camp that provides athletes will the chance to train alongside our elite triathletes and runners.  Tailored for specific sports our camps will analyze each athletes strengths and weaknesses to apply a structured program.  Going beyond the training we will look how each athlete has approached rest and recovery. Each camp includes time with a  wellness physican and chiropractor to help build a holistic approach to better performance and stay healthy. 
Our workshops differ from the seminar as they are taught outside and allow our coaches to work individually with each runner.  The purpose is develop correct running form by using drills and exercises.  Athletes will participate in a 2-hour session that includes a detailed review of their current form and demonstration of specific drills to correct inefficiencies.  Runners will learn proper stretching and strides to prepare themselves for high intensity workouts. And, why we have you there we might as well try one.  
Our two day triathlon clinics offer beginner to experienced triathletes the chance to work on each discpline of the sport.   Athletes will beginning with a classroom session that highlights training methodlogies, nutrition, and training safety tips.  Each participants will received a detailed swim analysis. The next session will highlight the importance of BRICK workouts and the elements of a smooth transition during a race.   Next, our coaches will demonstrate proper cycling form and biek fit before offering corrective feedback to each athlete.  Finally, our running coaches will take you through the importance of proper running form to develop strength off the bike, importance of brick training sessions, and how to gain valuable time on the run.  In between the training instruction, participants will learn basic bike maintenace and how to properly pack a bicycle for transit. 
Offered to small groups, clubs, or in support of corporate wellness initiatives.   Our goal is to share the importance of consistency in terms of training and to help athletes develop structured training plans. By explaining the benefits of a training cycle and the value of periodazation in endurance training and racing, we are able to educate runners on how to undertake a 12-16 build-up toward a goal race.  Runners will learn about the different types of workouts (stimulus) and how to apply these elements to their training at the right time.   We hightlight the most common types of improper form & analyze participants to improve their mechanics.   In addition, attendees will learn about racing strategies, hydration, and injury prevention to keep them moving in the right direction.