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After years of training, competition, and studying sports, the Endurance Lab explains the science behind components of great athletes.  The lab is structured on proven training concepts and modern data analytics to assist in maximizing each athlete's potential. 

Charlie Epperson
Founder and Coach
Amy Atkinson
Olympian and Coach

After playing soccer most of her life and earning a scholarship to attend Biola University, Amy turned her attention to running. Amy competed for Guam in a number of international venues including the 2012 Olympic Games.   Amy coaches youth cross country and track in South Korea where she teaches high school. 

As a former collegiate runner, Charlie's first love was long distance running.  Years of dabbling in triathlon and mutli-sports led to earning a USAT professional licence in 2013.  Today, Charlie balances his training in short microcycles to ensure he is fit year round and ever ready for the next adventure.